Lumiere Del


UGS : SH-MO-241 Catégorie :


This model of T10/501/W5W 5-LED bulbs have a total of 5 SMD LEDs built into each bulb. These LED bulbs are sold as a pair and are intended to be used for various purposes within your vehicle.

These are designed to turn your current yellow/orange halogen bulbs into a crisp and clean white light, using minimal power thanks to SMD LED technology. These bulbs have a total of 5 SMD LEDs fitted around the sides of each bulb to ensure uniform and maximum light output within your light cluster/housing – giving you the brightest levels of light output.

This is a plug and play replacement for your current T10/501/W5W bulbs and will look excellent once installed. Remember these can be installed in various locations in and around your vehicle, from side lights, number plate lights, interior lights and even glove box lights – and that’s just to mention a few.


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