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For use on virtually all roofs, WebSeal is designed to hold coatings, whether water or solvent based . WebSeal makes the roof water-tight prior to application of coating, creating a superior, faster method of waterproofing over conventional 3 course applications, eliminating dependence on the roof coating as a water barrier. WebSeal remains flexible to temperatures as low as -70 Degree Fahrenheit making it virtually impossible to thermally shock the seam causing a leak. WebSeal bonds to a wide range of surfaces including difficult roof materials such as EPDM, TPO, CSPE/Hypalon, most PVC, CPE, SBS, APP modifieds, asphalt BURs, coal tar BURs plus all metal roofs, tiles, shingle, aluminum, galvanized steel, gypsum board, wood, polyethylene, propylene, polystyrene, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry, OSB, etc.
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PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, visit

Length: 50 Feet
Used To: Seal Roof Joints And Tears/ Flashings/ Copings/ Skylights And Gutters On Mobile Homes And RV Roofs
Width: 2 Inch
Roof Type: EPDM Rubber/ Thermoplastic Olefin/ Hypalon/ PVC/ Tile/ Wood
Type: Sealing
Color: Gray
Material: Synthetic Resin/ Woven Polyester Backing
  • Designed To Hold Coatings, Whether Water Or Solvent Based
  • Remains Flexible To Temperatures As Low As -70 Degree Fahrenheit Making It Virtually Impossible To Thermally Shock The Seam Causing A Leak
  • Used To Seal Roof Joints (Seams) And Tears, Flashings, Copings, Skylights, Gutters
  • Perfect For Repairing And Restoring Roofs On Mobile Homes And RVs
  • WebSeal Conforms To Virtually Any Shape Without Springing Back
  • Seals To Itself So It Can Be Cut And Folded Around An Object. A Top Coat Of Roof Coating Is Necessary For UV Protection
  • Limited 15 Year Warranty
SUPPLIER: Eternabond (E65)
NTP PART #: 13-0874
MFR PART #: WB-2-50


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